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Mother & Child Shooting Arrows

(Junior Olympic Archery Development)
For Archers Age 8-20 yrs

Come work with USA Archery Certified Coaches to learn the fundamentals of Archery and have FUN in at the same time!

All levels of archers are welcome! We do have bows for kiddos who don't have their own equipment, and we can give suggestions if you are interested in purchasing your own.
We are currently meeting on Thursdays at the EA range, 5-6 pm. 


Contact Eliza Jex for information 

Text or Call- 801-995-2432

To participate in Evergreen Archery's JOAD:

  1. Sign your child up for a youth membership to Evergreen Archery.

    • New youth membership is only $10 for the first year (contact Eliza Jex to get the code to use at checkout). Cost is $40 per year after that.

    • This gives your child full access to the Evergreen Archery Range at any time in addition to the nights we meet for JOAD.

  2. Pay a 1-time fee (new members only) of $50 (you'll add this to your cart through the Shop section). This helps us pay for the lanyards, pins, target faces, and other supplies that we use in JOAD.

  3. Sign your child up for a membership with USA Archery. When you sign up, search and sign them up for the Evergreen Archery Joad club. This covers your child under USA Archery's Liability coverage, and enables them to participate in the JOAD achievement program

    • Sign up for either the Recreational Membership ($20 per year) or the All-Access Youth Membership ($50 per year). You only need to start with the Recreational membership, but if your child wants to compete in USA Archery events as a member of JOAD, you will need to upgrade to the All-Access Membership (but you only have to pay the difference of $30 to upgrade). 

JOAD Jersey.webp

JOAD shooter jerseys are available through the store link if you're interested. Follow the link and in the sizing you'll see the JOAD options.

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